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Kekabu Baby Mattress set (Organic - White)

RM 68.00

Tilam bayi Newborn Kekabu Asli Organik BONDA

- 100% Organic cotton fabric and kekabu filler.⁠
- Give your newborn feel very comfort and cool.⁠
- Easy to carry eveywhere as a travel set for your newborn (FREE travel bag)⁠
- No harm to your newborn as its ZERO chemicals, synthetic or any toxic materials.⁠

Pilihan item

1. Organic Mattress Set :
- without cover
- You will get :
(1 baby mattress size 32inchx22inch + 1 baby dimple pillow + 2 baby bolster)
(FREE 1 Travel bag)

2. Cover (for Set)
- Only cover for set of Organic Baby Mattress
- You will get :
(1 baby mattress cover + 1 baby dimple pillow cover + 2 baby bolster cover)
- You may choose the pattern for the cover
- Cover fabric materials is 100% cotton - super cool
- Please do chat us for more cover pattern

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